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FiiO X5ii 2nd Generation Lossless (FLAC/WAV/MP3) Audio Player and DAC

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The FiiO X5II (Second Generation) breaks new ground in affordable, portable, digital music players. The redesigned chassis fits neatly with FiiOs other budget DAPs (the X1 and X3II) whilst the brushed aluminium alloy gives it a personality all its own. Inside, FiiO has completely re-worked the audio architecture utilising a JZ4760B + SA2000 + PCM1792A + PGA 2311A sequence of audio chips. This allows native decoding of DSD64/128 files alongside other lossless formats at 192kHz/24 bit (WAV, FLAC, APE, WMA, ALAC, AIFF etc.). These files are then realised using top of the range Texas Instruments OPA1652, OPA1612 and BUF634U chips to maintain ultra-low distortion levels (0.000015%) and supplying up to a 250mA current output (which is a 67% improvement on the previous model).

This new model also includes dual crystal oscillators – one dedicated to multiples of 44.1 kHz, the other to multiples of 48 kHz – to improve the accuracy of audio replication by 25 times whilst diminishing jitter. One of the biggest new features is a deep sleep function; leaving the unit alone will cause it to hibernate (where previous FiiOs would switch off) allowing for immediate playback and ‘instant-on’ when you come back to it. It was a feature much requested after debuting on the X3II and is used to skilful effect here. What’s more, FiiO have managed to cram all this into a shell that is 12% smaller and 15% lighter than the original! All in all the FiiO X5II is a serious DAP for an amazing price, an item truly worthy of flagship status.

    • Compact, light design (63.5mm/109mm/15.3mm, 165g)
    • User Interface includes 10 graphic EQ and user defined playlists
    • 16~150 Ω headphone impedance range
    • Dual crystal oscillators to reduce jitter and refine playback at all sample rates
    • Separate 3.5mm headphone and 3.5mm stereo line out/co-axial ports 
    • 20 Hz~20 kHz frequency response
    • Can be used as an outboard USB DAC
    • Native DSD decoding
    • Over 10 hours battery life

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