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FiiO X1ii 2nd Gen Lossless (FLAC/WAV) Music Player + EX1ii 2nd Gen IEMs BUNDLE

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Hear music the way it was intended for less than you'd expect with this FiiO X1ii High resolution lossless audio player and the EX1ii in-ear monitor headphone bundle. The FiiO X1ii is readily recognised as one of the best budget portable DAPs on the market by punching well above it's price bracket with a precise audio resolution that lets your music sing. The second generation EX1ii IEMs refine FiiO's successful first generation headphone by adding a better, more robust cable and achieving the coveted Hi-Res audio certification; passing a strict audio quality test in the process. 

The FiiO X1ii is the second generation of FiiO's excellent entry level digital audio player for aspiring audiophiles. It supports all the major lossless file formats (APE/FLAC/ALAC/WMA/WAV) alongside lossy formats such as MP3/AAC etc. Using a brand new Texas Instruments PCM5242 DAC chip, the X1 is capable of delivering sound up to 192hz/24bits of master tape quality resolution. It also uses microSD cards to provide expandable storage options, currently supporting up to 256gb of files. The X1ii also features a Bluetooth receiver that can pair with the FiiO RM1 remote control whilst also sending audio to Bluetooth speakers.    

The second generation FiiO EX1ii uses titanium driver diaphragms provide the headphones with the clearest sound reproduction up to the highest of frequencies. The strength provided by titanium allows it to handle high power without distortion while providing exemplary transient response, unlike traditional dynamic driver diaphragms. A light and flexible polyurethane cable includes inline controls and a crystal clear microphone to allow full control for both Apple, Android and FiiO X1ii/X5iii devices.  The offset design of the non-resonating metal body directs the sound comfortably into your ear while precisely placed tuning vents help increase the soundstage of your music, giving it a more ‘live’ feel.   

FiiO X1ii:   

  • Dual mode Bluetooth receiver; can send and receive signals concurrently    
  • Brand new touch wheel technology    
  • Dual headphone/line out port    
  • Supports in-line remote control (NOTE: not all makes of headphone supported)    
  • Over 12 hours battery life    

FiiO EX1ii 

  • Flexible and durable polyurethane cable  
  • In-line remote and microphone to answer calls and control music from Android, Apple and select FiiO devices (currently X1ii, X3ii and X5iii) 
  • Hi Res certified 
  • Aerospace-grade titanium driver diaphragm for precise audio realisation  
  • Tuning vents breathe life into your recordings, increasing the soundstage  
  • Extended bass and high-mid frequencies in comparison with traditional diaphragms  
  • Variety of earbuds included to help you find the perfect fit  
  • Carry case and microphonic-dampening clip included

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