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FiiO X1ii 2nd Gen High Res Music (FLAC/WAV) Player + A5 Headphone Amp BUNDLE

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*** NOTE: The X1 is available in 2 colours;  Black and Rose-Gold. The default colour is Black however if you wish a different one then add a note to your order.***

This is a brilliant bundle if you want to the thrill high resolution portable music but want the extra power to use precise in-ear monitors. The Second Generation FiiO X1ii is readily recognised as one of the best budget portable DAPs on the market by punching well above it's price bracket with a precise audio resolution that lets your music sing. The brand new A5 headphone amplifier when paired with such a competent DAC provides a near-zero distortion rate of <0.002% and up to 800mW of power to drive even the most power-hungry headphones. Together you get phenomenal audio value with serious power.   

The Fiio X1ii is the second generation of FiiO's excellent entry level digital audio player for aspiring audiophiles. It supports all the major lossless file formats (APE/FLAC/ALAC/WMA/WAV) alongside lossy formats such as MP3/AAC etc. Using a brand new Texas Instruments PCM5242 DAC chip, the X1 is capable of delivering sound up to 192hz/24bits of master tape quality resolution. It also uses microSD cards to provide expandable storage options, currently supporting up to 256gb of files. The X1ii also features a Bluetooth receiver that can pair with the FiiO RM1 remote control whilst also sending audio to Bluetooth speakers.  

The FiiO A5 headphone amplifier takes the best from the previous generation E12 and E12a amplifiers; adopting the E12a's MUSE02 by Muses op amp combination and the E12's fine level gain. This achieves unparalleled subjective and objective quality when coupled with the LME49600 buffer to achieve <0.002% distortion and an increased S/N ratio to 115dB. The A5 has a high capacity, built in Li-polymer battery that can be charged via computer or other USB interface in only 2.5 hours. +/-11V of high voltage supply helps the total maximum output power to reach as high as 800mW, easily powering larger headphones.   

FiiO X1ii:   

  • Dual mode Bluetooth receiver; can send and receive signals concurrently    
  • Brand new touch wheel technology    
  • Dual headphone/line out port    
  • Supports in-line remote control (NOTE: not all makes of headphone supported)    
  • Over 12 hours battery life    

FiiO A5:   

  • Distortion to a minimum of 0.002   
  • Gold operational amplifier (OPAMP) pair    
  • High voltage supply (22v)    
  • Fast USB Recharging    
  • Slim and User Friendly  

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