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FiiO K1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier/DAC + F3 IEM headphones BUNDLE

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Experience high resolution USB audio at entry level prices with this FiiO K1 DAC/amplifier and F3 dynamic in-ear monitor headphone bundle. The K1 is a new breed in FiiO's plug and play DAC/Amp range, requiring no drivers or charging to decode high resolution audio at a higher quality than most in-built DACs. The F3 IEM marks the second in FiiO's series of excellent IEM headphones at an incredibly affordable price. 

A new page in FiiO’s DAC/amplifier catalogue; the K1 offers outstanding sound reproduction in a case not much bigger than your thumb! Never again do you need to remember to charge the amp as it is fully powered by USB, a first for this kind of FiiO product. The K1 utilises Savitech’s SA9023A USB receiver to decode USB audio, which TI’s high fidelity, low noise PCM5102 DAC chip then outputs to a TPA6132A2 headphone driver. A self-muting function then greatly reduces power on/off transients giving a hassle-free music experience. All of this contained within an elegant sandblasted metal casing to increase its durability and grip.    

The F3 uses a industrial-grade polycarbonate housing with a series of three interchangeable vacuum-ion electroplated shells, allowing you to customise the look of these already sleek headphones. A Japanese copper-clad aluminium voice coil provides the physical lightness needed for faster transients and an overall increase  in sound quality. The F3 uses a cutting edge graphene diaphragm (a highly conductive and strong nano-metal) within this specifically tuned dynamic driver to provide fatigue-free listening. This pairing is tuned to give the F3 a clean, rich yet transparent, high fidelity sound. 

FiiO K1:   

  • USB powered DAC/amplifier    
  • Tiny silhouette of 50mm x 20.5mm x 8mm and only 11.3g    
  • 3.5mm headphone out    
  • Drive ability of 16~100 Ω    
  • Supports up to 96kHz/24bit USB sample rate    
  • Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz    
  • Titanium coloured metal casing   

FiiO F3 

  • Cutting edge graphene diaphragm and copper-clad aluminium voice coil for exceptional sound  
  • Polyurethane Cable for durability and diminished microphonics   
  • In-line remote compatible with FiiO X-players, iOS devices and Android devices   
  • Low weight earpieces reduce listening fatigue   
  • Translucent polycarbonate chassis and interchangeable vacuum-ion electroplated shell 

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