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FiiO K1 Portable USB Headphone Amplifier/DAC + EX1 IEM Headphones BUNDLE

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Enhance your computer audio output with one simple bundle; the FiiO K1 USB digital analogue converter/amplifier and the FiiO EX1 in-ear monitors. The K1 is a new breed in FiiO's plug and play DAC/Amp range, requiring no drivers or charging to decode high resolution audio at a higher quality than most in-built DACs. Based on the critically acclaimed DUNU Titan 1 earphones, the EX1 are tuned by FiiO to provide brilliant depth when paired with the X series of lossless DAPs. Using these tuned monitors with the K1's ease of use opens up an incredible audio world without breaking the bank.  

A new page in FiiO’s DAC/amplifier catalogue; the new K1 offers outstanding sound reproduction in a case not much bigger than your thumb! Never again do you need to remember to charge the amp as it is

fully powered by USB, a first for this kind of FiiO product. The K1 utilises Savitech’s SA9023A USB receiver to decode USB audio, which TI’s high fidelity, low noise PCM5102 DAC chip then outputs to a TPA6132A2 headphone driver. A self-muting function then greatly reduces power on/off transients giving a hassle-free music experience. All of this contained within an elegant sandblasted metal casing to increase its durability and grip.  

Built in partnership with Chinese headphone manufacturer Dunu; the EX1 refines the successful design of the Dunu Titan 1 by adding a Kevlar-strengthened high-purity multi-strand OFC cable. This provides a flawless sonic pathway as well as great strain resistance and longevity. The earphones themselves contain titanium driver diaphragms which provide the clearest sound reproduction up to the highest of frequencies.  The offset design of the non-resonating metal body directs the sound comfortably into your ear while precisely placed tuning vents help increase the soundstage of your music, giving it a more ‘live’ feel.  

FiiO K1: 

  • USB powered DAC/amplifier  
  • Tiny silhouette of 50mm x 20.5mm x 8mm and only 11.3g  
  • 3.5mm headphone out  
  • Drive ability of 16~100 Ω  
  • Supports up to 96kHz/24bit USB sample rate  
  • Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz  
  • Titanium coloured metal casing  

FiiO EX1:  

  • Kevlar-strengthened high-purity multi-strand OFC cable  
  • Aerospace-grade titanium driver diaphragm for precise audio realisation  
  • Tuning vents breathe life into your recordings, increasing the soundstage   
  • Extended bass and high-mid frequencies in comparison with traditional diaphragms  
  • Variety of earbuds included to help you find the perfect fit  
  • Carry case and microphonic-dampening clip included.

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