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FiiO A3 Portable Headphone Amplifier + F3 Dynamic In-Ear Monitor Headphone BUNDLE

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Take your digital music beyond the capabilities of your source, look no further than this FiiO A3 headphone amplifier and FiiO F3 dynamic in-ear monitors bundle.  The A3 is one of FiiO's all time most popular products, packing power enough to drive medium to high impedance headphones and expanding the soundstage of IEMs. The F3 IEM marks the second in FiiO's series of excellent IEM headphones at an incredibly affordable price. Together you can wave farewell to mediocre music.    

Like its predecessor the FiiO E11, the A3 boosts the signal from your digital audio player, tightening the sound response in the process and lowering the noise floor. Improvements the previous E11 model include a new aluminium-alloy body and chassis to increase shielding from EM interference. The OPA1642 pre-amp serves as the voltage amplifier, creating great layering and medium and high frequency extension, while an AD8397 power amplifier controls the low frequencies and drive ability. The A3 also features new discrete bass circuit design, allowing you to turn the bass on and off without affecting the overall quality and purity of the sound.   

The F3 uses a industrial-grade polycarbonate housing with a series of three interchangeable vacuum-ion electroplated shells, allowing you to customise the look of these already sleek headphones. A Japanese copper-clad aluminium voice coil provides the physical lightness needed for faster transients and an overall increase  in sound quality. The F3 uses a cutting edge graphene diaphragm (a highly conductive and strong nano-metal) within this specifically tuned dynamic driver to provide fatigue-free listening. This pairing is tuned to give the F3 a clean, rich yet transparent, high fidelity sound.  

FiiO A3:   

  • New aluminium-alloy body and chassis to increase shielding from EM interference    
  • Improved sound performance    
  • Reinforced battery capacity of 16 hours    
  • Can be used whilst charging    
  • Can drive most medium impedance headphones and some high impedance headphones   

FiiO F3   

  • Cutting edge graphene diaphragm and copper-clad aluminium voice coil for exceptional sound  
  • Polyurethane Cable for durability and diminished microphonics   
  • In-line remote compatible with FiiO X-players, iOS devices and Android devices   
  • Low weight earpieces reduce listening fatigue   
  • Translucent polycarbonate chassis and interchangeable vacuum-ion electroplated shell

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