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FiiO X7 Android Lossless (FLAC/MP3/DXD/PCM) DAP/DAC + E12a Headphone Amp BUNDLE

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Using the FiiO X7 Android-based digital audio player with the FiiO E12a headphone amp is the perfect portable way to listen to exceptional high resolution music with added power whilst extending the X7's battery life. The X7 is FiiO's flagship DAP and the first to use an Android-based operating system; allowing it to run third party music applications and access streaming services like Spotify and Tidal. Top of the range audio architecture gives you a sound close to perfection. The E12a headphone amplifier when paired with such a competent DAC provides a near-zero distortion rate of <0.0003% and up to 850mW of power to drive quality IEMs. A clever charging conversion allows the E12 to charge it's > 12h battery in only 3 hours! 

The X7 is the first portable DAP to use the top flight ES9018S DAC chip to provide an incredible 135db S/N ratio and dynamic range. The X7 also features a patent-pending interchangeable amplifier module technology to customize your output sound and power to your preference. Building on past successes whilst looking to the future, the X7 uses FiiO’s first Android based user interface and touch screen navigation. The X7 comes with a pre-installed FiiO Music Player which can be accesses in pure music mode, bypassing the audio quirks of the Android system and providing the clearest sound quality from

your files. It is also possible to install sanctioned third party apps (Hiby, Spotify, TIDAL etc.) and listen to stream music wirelessly. The X7 has 32GB on board memory with a microSD slot that accepts up to 128GB cards. All the usual audio formats are accepted (WAV, FLAC, AIFF, MP3 etc.) alongside the higher lossless formats such as DXD, DSD64/128 and PCM supported at up to 384kHz/64bit|5.6MHz (DSD). 

The FiiO Mont Blanc E12a special edition portable IEM headphone amplifier adopts an upgraded high performance op amp combination designed around the MUSE02 by Muses (the audiophile semiconductor division of New Japan Radio Co. Ltd). This achieves unparalleled subjective and objective quality when coupled with the LME49600 buffer to achieve <0.0003% distortion and an increased S/N ratio to 115dB. The E12 has a high capacity, built in Li-polymer battery that can be charged via computer or other USB interface in only 3 hours. +/-11V of high voltage supply helps the total maximum output power to reach as high as 850mW, easily powering larger headphones.  

FiiO X7: 

  • Top flight ES9018S SABRE32 reference 32-bit 8-Channel Audio DAC chip  
  • Supports WAV, FLAC, APE, ALAC, AIFF, WMA, MP3, OGG, DXD, DSD64/128 and PCM supported at up to 384kHz/64bit|5.6MHz (DSD)  
  • Patent-pending interchangeable amplifier modules (IEM supplied, others sold separately)  
  • 3.97” IPS TFT multi-touch screen (480x880 pixels)  
  • Fully customizable, symmetrical button layout   
  • Unique FiiO music player that bypasses the audio limitations of the Android system  
  • 10 band EQ   
  • With included IEM module: 3.5mm headphone port, 3.5mm line-out, 3.5mm coaxial digital port 
  • Regular firmware updates  
  • WIFI and Bluetooth compatible  
  • 3700mAh battery provides c.10 hours real-world usage 

FiiO E12a: 

  • Distortion to a minimum of 0.00003%  
  • Gold operational amplifier (OPAMP) pair  
  • High voltage supply (22v)  
  • Fast USB Recharging  
  • Slim and User Friendly 

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