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FiiO L9: A Product Guide

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So much is said about the exceptionally technical and daring series of DAPs and Amplifiers produced by FiiO that its accessory production is often ignored. Cases, screen protectors and even artistic stickers bear the FiiO brand, but the best seller by far is their varied selection of cable interconnects. As they are a company firmly aiming at the purest audio signal for the least amount of money it makes perfect sense to also want a cut of the elusive cables market. Though the jury is still out over whether it is worth spending thousands of pounds for minor improvements, FiiO have at least proven that a decent pathway can be provided for only the most modest of investments.


The L9 may seem simple at first glance, just a regular line-out cable with few stand out characteristics. Actually that’s a lie, there is one major difference between this cable and the L8, an official Apple 30-pin connector! Apple, being the powerful yet secretive company then are, are very protective of what third party peripherals can be used with their iPod/Pad/Phones. You can see why; being such a loved company comes about by having a rigorous quality control regime and FiiO were lucky in getting their seal of approval. Though as ever with FiiO, they didn’t rest on their successes. Having secured one of the final batches of PCOCC-A copper from Furukawa Electric (a Japanese manufacturer), FiiO have been adamant in using it for all of their interconnects. Why does this make a difference? Because PCOCC-A copper provides the purest signal path by eliminating the impurities normally found during the extrusion process. Simply put, there is nothing but copper between your devices and the audio stays pure.

Of course, now you’re probably wondering what the point of the Apple dock is when there already is a handy headphone out built into your phone. Well what the dock does is by-pass the amplifier and provide a true line-out from your audio device. This in turn means that you can connect iDevices to your external amplifiers (like the impeccable FiiO A3) without worrying about dual amplification. In short, your audio possibilities have increased exponentially! FiiO even do a version for the Sony Walkman called the L5 which works on the same principle; add to that the limited edition L19 (which is an Apple Lightning connector to micro-USB) and we have a fine selection of cables for all players. Long my the tradition continue!

Thanks for reading! If you've got this far, why not pop by our shop and see all the awesome FiiO products we have to offer.

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